About Us

Epsilon Canada’s goal is to enable surgeons for best possible outcomes. We are “surgeon-centric”.

Our product offerings have a wide variety of titanium and stainless-steel instruments that combine the precision you expect from your ophthalmic instruments. Partnering with companies who have a more than 15-year tradition of innovation, and unparalleled quality instills confidence in our products during procedures.

Our approach – At every touch point we are eager to hear you, understand, design, develop and deliver unique and relevant solutions. We strive to build relationships by experiencing the proven ability of our products.

Empowered with sophisticated machineries, our business partners have firmly positioned themselves as one of the bona fide instrument manufacturers.

Ergonomically designed instruments solve preferences of surgeons. Handle Types – Long, Short, Flat, Round and Squeeze Action.

You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence and ensure quality of our products. We place the responsibility of maintaining high quality at every level – from product through its business network partners, pre and post purchase support.

Advantages of using Titanium Instruments

  • Lightness of the metal helps in instrument handling by the surgeon.
  • Provides a non-reflective surface is invaluable in microsurgical procedures.
  • It withstands repeat sterilisation without compromise to strength and edge or surface quality.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Titanium is non-magnetic
  • Does not cause adverse reactions with other steel instruments or equipment
  • Non-Corrosive; Non-Degrading
  • No oxidation, extremely durable.